• Here Are Some Reasons Why Getting Paper Straws Bulk Products Is Something Worth Looking At

    It's definitely evident that utilising plastic straws is a concern that should be resolved. These plastic products release unsafe chemicals when they break down, which can eventually harm the nature. That's the reason why going to an option that is an environmental-friendly such as paper straws bulk items is something that everybody should consider.


    So whether you have a hotel, restaurant, or even a club, it is necessary that you make the shift to straws that are eco-friendly. To learn why you need to carry this out, read the paragraphs below. Listed below are a few reasons why your business should consider using paper straws bulk items.

    1. They are faster to decompose


    Remember that plastic straws require plenty of years to fully break down. And typically, they even last for as long as two centuries in trash dumps, which is certainly not a good thing. Unlike these plastic items, paper straws normally break down for a maximum of 6 weeks. The best thing about them is that they are also totally compostable and biodegradable. In short, should they go to the ocean, these paper products will begin to disintegrate in just three days.


    2. They're a safer alternative compared to plastic straws

    Plenty of people, especially the elderly and those with disabilities, really do require straws. Nevertheless, what they don't require is plastic. Having said that, using eco-friendly paper straws is a good thing to consider. It is because paper straws do not have any unpleasant chemicals such as bisphenol-A contained in plastic items.


    And since such paper straws usually break down in just about half a year, they're also considered to be safe to marine life. Keep in mind that in the ocean, plastic products cannot decompose completely but simply break into smaller microplastics, which end up having eaten by fishes.


    3. They're more affordable

    As more and more businesses become mindful of the damaging effect of plastic straws, the demand for environmental-friendly straws has gone up. And in recent years, the price of papers straws has gone way down. In fact, businesses can now purchase these biodegradable straws at an affordable price. You just have to look for a reputable manufacturer or supplier to order from. This allows you to have environmental-friendly straws for quite a fair cost while avoiding dangerous chemicals as well. Win-win, correct?


    4. It can reduce plastic straw usage

    Finally, shifting to paper straws will surely decrease the use of plastic straws. Understand that every single day, everyone utilises countless straws - enough to pack thousands of school buses. And in the past 25 years, around six million straws and stirrers were collected on annual beach clean-up events. So picking paper straws over plastic ones can significantly minimise this footprint.


    And these are a few of the reasons why you must switch to paper straws bulk products. By using paper straws on your business, you can help prevent ecological destruction as well as other health concerns associated with constant use of plastic. So what are you waiting for? Call a paper straw supplier and make the switch immediately!